“The doctor of the future will not prescribe drugs, but will interest the patient in maintaining the body, the diet, and the causes and prevention of diseases … There have never been so many talented brains working on solutions to diseases as they are today, and all their manifestations point to the simple truth – Improve nature. ” (Thomas Edison)

The College of Nutrition and Natural Health is a project to make this information accessible to the general public. We believe that everyone has the right and the ability to enjoy health, vitality, joy of life, and a tasty and healthy diet. The human body constantly strives toward health, and every person improves his health, thrives, and gets better from almost any problem – given the natural and correct conditions.

We support the natural approach – natural hygiene: support the cleaning of waste and toxins through natural nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Effective and responsible scientific treatment – eliminating the causes of problems – as opposed to the commercial-symptomatic approach of selling “magic pills” – various products and treatments that are usually designed to suppress symptoms As health guides, we achieve satisfaction and personal fulfillment by improving the lives of other people, And convey to all interested parties the useful knowledge we have about the conditions required for health – nutrition and a healthy way of life.

The situation today and our vision

Today, acute and chronic diseases are more common than ever before. One in three people who live in Israel today will develop cancer in their lifetime. The same is true for diabetes and Alzheimer’s, and even more so for a heart attack or stroke – whose first common symptom is death – this is not a necessity, it is not a defective genetics, and it is not due to the aging of the population. We have the potential to live over a hundred years, and without the chronic diseases and physical and mental degeneration that characterize our civilized people: statistical and clinical studies and experience clearly show that the vast majority of diseases of all ages can be prevented and improved in patients with lifestyle changes, Especially what we put into the body Which gets what it needs to work well – like a car that gets the fuel, oil and water it needs.

We want to give the public the knowledge and tools to help each and every one avoid chronic diseases and feel good. Our goal is to help put an end to the side effects of body pollution with toxins, such as cancer and the occlusion of blood vessels, and to see healthy, vigorous, strong, smooth, happy and long-lived people around us. Our vision is to realize our health potential: up to one hundred and twenty years.

The College was established by identifying the need to conduct studies available to the general public in the natural-scientific approach of natural hygiene (detoxification) – removing the causes of health problems and providing the optimal conditions that the body needs to do at any moment – to maintain our health. This approach differs from the symptomatic-commercial approaches involved in the sale of products and treatments that inhibit, stimulate and in fact interfere with the essential cleansing and healing processes performed by the body. These approaches are influenced by the financing and marketing of the food, dietary, pharmaceutical, and other industries.

The college is the result of research and teaching done by us in the last 18 years. After passing annual courses in nutrition and natural health, we decided to make the information accessible to the general public on the Internet. Among our projects, for example:

* Annual course for nutrition and natural health.
    * Workshops for preparing healthy food, exercise, nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle.
Lectures and courses in colleges, schools, community centers, commercial companies, military bases, and more.
Restaurant Health Food.
Meetings and support groups for a healthy diet.
Websites to disseminate information on these topics.
Publication of recent studies and articles, and production of films and videos in the field.
Internet groups that provide free health advice, such as the Facebook group “Nutrition and Natural Health”.
Public campaigns to promote a healthy diet, a healthy lifestyle, reducing industrial pollution, and more.


Shay Dawidowicz

Teacher of nutrition and natural health at the Israel College of Nutrition and Natural Health, teached nutrition in the course for training counselors and mentors for natural health at the “Ilma” College, and gave lectures in institutions, companies, and other institutions.
He is a certified health and fitness instructor for adults and children, and as an instructor diploma in the field of bone density, and partipated in many courses and training in health and nutrition.
Health Foods chef, former Health Restaurant Manager.
For over 20 years he has been an active researcher, writer, teacher and lecturer for all ages – lectures, workshops, home classes, classes and courses – on healthy lifestyle, nutrition, weight loss, food preparation, exercise and healthy food preparation.
After many years of bad nutrition and excess weight, Shay discovered the natural diet, which also makes him enjoy delicious food in abundance, and easily gotten rid of dozens of extra pounds and health problems. Shay has become a chef and teacher of nutrition and natural health, in order to spread the knowledge and help others to enjoy a more delicious, satisfying and varied diet, without limitations, and easily lose weight, feel and look better, and avoid diseases.


Shani Tzahor

MA in Biotechnology (Technion); After studying biotechnology and bioinformatics as a development engineer in high tech and as a professor of computer science at the university, she began 13 years ago to promote awareness of nutrition and healthy lifestyle, with the vision of creating a significant change in health and quality of life. Additional; She also participated in the management and preparation of food in a health restaurant.